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Our Story

Clemente Bakery is a family-owned business dedicated to creating the very best authentic Italian baked goods in the Tri-State Area. Over the years, the Clemente name has become famous for its finest "Old World Flavor." Clemente Bakery is best known for "Pane d' Altamura" or artisan bread from the town of Altamura, Italy, which is made from brick ovens in the same way it has been made for centuries -- by hand. 

Founded by Donato Clemente in 1974,  Clemente Bakery (Once known as the original Central Bakery) has come long way from its humble beginnings in Union City, New Jersey.  Donato came to the United States in 1973 from the town of Altamura, Italy. He was joined by his wife Anna Denora, and together they embarked on a journey filled with hope and desire to create something for themselves and others -- the quintessential American Dream. In Italy, Donato worked alongside his father at their carpentry shop, where he mastered the art of woodwork. Once in America, he was presented with a different opportunity, to become a baker, which he seized. Through hard work and determination, Donato mastered the art of using a coal-fired brick oven to create the finest foods from the Puglia region in Italy, including artisan bread, focaccia, pizza, and taralli. He shared his passion with his family and eventually expanded the bakery and further explored his devotion for fine Italian foods and artisan breads. Today with the help of his children, Clemente Bakery continues to carry the family tradition.